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Can I also participate if I have not formally founded my company yet?

Yes, you can. We will support you in the process of founding your company through our experts, and you can develop your organization throughout our program.

Do I have to be from Styria to participate?

No, the TECHHOUSE ACCELERATOR has an open mindset and has no geographical limitations.

Do I have to look for a flat in Graz while participating in the Accelerator?

We want to make access to the accelerator program as easy as possible. That is why, we have already done that for you. For the duration of the accelerator we provide up to 5 teams with a fully furnished flat that is already paid for.

Will I be expected to be in Graz for the duration of the Accelerator?

We believe that a physical presence of you and your team will be important to take full advantage of the program and its benefits, however, we also do understand that we can do a lot of work digitally. We kick of the first month digitally in March and hope to see most teams in person soon after that :).

What does RLB Investment mean?

RLB Steiermark is offering all participating startups of the Acceleration Topic Track the opportunity to compete for an investment of up to € 50.000 (or even more ;). All participating startups have to agree to set terms before being officially accepted to the program.

How long is the accelerator program and what is its content?

The entire accelerator program from kick off to final pitches is around 4 months. During these four months, we will support your team through relevant input regarding business and growth topics (e.g. product-market-fit, building product, protecting IP, legal, marketing, getting funding, scaling), as well as valuable industry mentorship from experienced veterans. However, we offer all participants the opportunity to continue their journey with us through the 8-month residency program following the initial acceleration phase.

What does the PoC-Partnership mean?

The PoC-Partner is an industry player or corporate, that together with the selected startup, is trying to solve an internal or market challenge. By cooperating with the PoC-Partner, the startup has the opportunity to validate its approach and therefore becomes highly interesting for potential investors, a strategic partnership with the PoC-Partner, or can attract new industry clients.


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