Choose your topic of expertise and show how you are creating impact.


The Acceleration Topic Track focuses on early-stage tech startups that develop interesting and innovative business models and technologies in the following acceleration areas:

  • Service based Technology Applications
  • Sustainability
  • FinTech
  • Data Driven Business Models
  • HealthTech
  • Industry 4.0

All participants of the topic track also have the opportunity to compete for a direct investment by the INNOVATION EXCELLENCE PARTNER RLB Steiermark.


RLB Steiermark as an Investor and Strategic Partner

As the leading bank of the state of Styria, Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark (RLB) is supporting entrepreneurship, startups and industrial innovation across all industries.

As the Innovation Excellence Partner of the TECHHOUSE ACCELERATOR, RLB does not only offer an investment for our startups and tech teams, but also offers follow up investments and fundamentally important financial services that are tailored to the needs of founders and entrepreneurs through its startup bank TATEN Bank.

As part of the international Raiffeisen conglomerate, RLB is also a powerful strategic partner with contacts to potential industry clients and markets all over Europe.

Customized Coachings
Access to growth capital
Housing Support
4 Months Office Space
Industry Mentor

What we offer participants through this track

Chance of direct investment
Work with a Banking Client
4-month free office space
Housing support
Network of growth capital
Immediate client exposure
Customized coachings
8-month residency program



As the sustainable usage of resources and the ethical treatment of our planet becomes a core business necessity, so are solutions and ideas. Let’s create impact on our planet, business and society together. Open for all startups and teams in the area of Sustainability.

Service based Technology Applications

Game-changing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, or platform solutions, finds application in various industries and is are core competencies for companies, that want to stay competitive on a global scale. Show us how you are using them to change the world and what problem your application solves.

Data Driven Business Models

Data is the new oil, and we want to see how you use it to transform traditional business approaches: We are looking for solution, including data security & data empowerment, possibly in the field of (but not restricted to) open banking & beyond banking.


The digital age, new tools, technologies, and regulations have been continuously disrupting the financial service industry. As new players and opportunities are arising all around the world, show us how you are challenging traditional financial institutions with your transformative approach.


Modern technologies like AI and enhanced analytics are changing the way modern medicine works and especially how personal data can be applied to the patients’ benefit. Show us how you are changing medicine and healthcare through technology and innovation, especially if your application has the potential of combining it with banking data.

Industry 4.0

With digital tools the 4th industrial revolution is changing things are produced, connected, sold, and secured. Show us how your approach reshapes the industrial landscape and how you revolutionize the way manufacturers, engineers, and production sites work.

Hannes Meixner

Chief Intrapreneur aka ZukunftsBauer
„As Styria’s leading bank we promote innovation as an investor and strategic partner.“

Martina Hölzl

Startups and Digitalization
„Through TATEN-Bank we support founders on their way to the future.“
Raiffeisen Landesbank Steiermark

Raiffeisen Landesbank Steiermark

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TATEN-Bank Raiffeisen

TATEN-Bank Raiffeisen

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